Katja Schweiker - Graphic Design, Illustration, Corporate Design, Editorial Design, Exhibition Design

"Katja connects methodology, intuition, credible concepts and her grasp of the adequate visual language. The result: tailor-made works, giving a clear feeling of the passionate examination, ambition and inventiveness attached to them. The diverse mixture of handcraft, experimental usage of media, know-how about typography and design grids do lead to distinctive achievements."
I am currently looking for a thrilling new job - national or international - in the field of graphic design/ illustration/ corporate design/ exhibition design/ editiorial design. Please feel free to contact me - I'm looking forward to new challenges!

Katja Schweiker
Graphic Design

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Contact options:
Fon: +49 (0)176 21 18 61 58
E-Mail: contact@katjaschweiker.com